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In the process of childbirth, modern medicine has taken a backseat as more women embrace natural methods for delivering their children. In New York City alone over the past decade, over 74% of moms-to-be favored the upward ticking trend supporting midwifery, doulas, at-home births and bathtubs births over modern methods. Many pro-homebirth moms argue that delivering babies in hospitals can turn what should be a life-changing experience into an assembly-line process thanks to items like epidurals, forced C-sections and unnatural birthing positions (like lying down instead of standing or kneeling).
You may think the jury’s still out on whether it’s okay to spank your kids, but a meta-analysis into discipline research rendered a clear verdict: it’s not.
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Working out can prove to be quite beneficial for you and for your delivery. Experts urge you to exercise in order to relax and keep your body engaged, but not with the intention of losing weight.
So you're trying to conceive. Congratulations. We're sure you've been reading a lot about ovulation and how to determine the best times of the month to up your chances of conception.If you're trying to conceive, adopting healthy lifestyle practices can actually boost sperm fertility and your chances of conception, according Joseph Alukal, MD, assistant professor of urology and director of male reproductive health at NYU Langone Medical Center.
Your body weight has stabilized, the baby has moved into your pelvis, and is not moving as much – the quiet before the storm.