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Women who are able to keep blood sugar levels in a safe range during a pregnancy with gestational diabetes dramatically reduce the risk of complications for their child.
The best thing about Z Living’s show Birth Days? It’s the perfect DIY guide to parenting, and an all-too-real look at those challenging first six weeks of life with a newborn baby. So whether you’re a die-hard fan, new to the series, parents, parents-to-be, or even an auntie or uncle to a beloved little one, we’ve put together the best takeaway lessons from the series:
Three pregnancies taught me a lot about how to build a postpartum wardrobe. The postpartum period, often called the “fourth trimester,” is a difficult time to dress. Weight loss can be slow, and it takes most new moms a year or more to settle into their figures. But after nine months of wearing maternity clothes, I'm always more than excited to start shopping for my postpartum wardrobe. Elastic waistbands, stretchy tees, and flowy tunics have filled my closet for long enough. 
In the process of childbirth, modern medicine has taken a backseat as more women embrace natural methods for delivering their children. In New York City alone over the past decade, over 74% of moms-to-be favored the upward ticking trend supporting midwifery, doulas, at-home births and bathtubs births over modern methods. Many pro-homebirth moms argue that delivering babies in hospitals can turn what should be a life-changing experience into an assembly-line process thanks to items like epidurals, forced C-sections and unnatural birthing positions (like lying down instead of standing or kneeling).
You may think the jury’s still out on whether it’s okay to spank your kids, but a meta-analysis into discipline research rendered a clear verdict: it’s not.
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