Q: What are some good, healthy lunches to pack kids that won’t make them crave their friend’s sugary snacks at the lunch table?
A: Creating a healthy school lunch that is satisfying is all about balance. I think the first rule is break away from tradition. Lunch doesn’t have to be a sandwich. Lunch can be an assortment of foods, leftovers from dinner, or interesting plates of small nibbles. Kids love to have choices and some of the most effective lunches give them a variety of options or allow them to build their lunch themselves. For example, think about investing in a great reusable lunch box with a variety of compartments, such as a Laptop Lunch or Bento Lunch Box. You can fill each one with a different treat – fresh grapes in one, roasted chicken from dinner in another, cubed cheese or nuts in yet another. Or you can include the makings of a healthy wrap that your child can assemble at lunch. For more suggestions, you can also check out 9 Healthy & Fun Snacks For Your Kids

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