Q: How do I keep my 13-year-old from eating junk food at friends’ houses?
A: Education and communication seem to be the key to getting kids to make healthy food choices. If you teach your children about why nutrition matters, how health and diet are connected, and how to make wholesome food choices you are empowering your child to live a healthy lifestyle for now and the future. That doesn’t mean he or she will always choose wisely.  But if you’re eating healthy at home and your teen understands the pros and cons, giving some wiggle room might be more productive than trying to ban or forbid the occasional junk food splurge.  You might also see if you can engage your child in smart nutritional choices through some of the new phone apps out there.  After all, all our teens seem to be tied to their digital devices (phones, iPods, etc.) these days, so bringing the information into a format they can relate to may also help.  Here is a link to a few healthy food apps for kids and teens that might be helpful.

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