Q: Do you have any tips or advice for dealing with a hormonal teenager?
A: The teen years are indeed a test – for both parents and kids. Teenagers are looking to bridge childhood and adulthood by exploring their independence but still needing boundaries and connection. Negotiating this ground is no easy task. Communication is essential, albeit not the easiest task once the teens set in. Create time and opportunities to talk openly with your teenager while finding a balance between rules and responsibilities. Hormonal changes can indeed complicate things. But many mood swings are connected to diet, so understanding how the foods your teenager eats play a role in behavior is an important consideration. Avoiding sugar and processed foods can help level out moods. In addition, you might seek the aid of an herbalist like chamomile tea, chaste berry, and dong quai which may be helpful in hormonal balance and stress. Finally, homeopathy offers a number of remedies and cell salts for creating balance that are also worth a look.

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