Q: Do you believe in curfews and what is the best way to start implementing one?
A: There are good arguments on both sides of the curfew debate and I think so much depends upon the responsibility and maturity of the specific child in question.  I believe that open communication is an important way to parent at any age.  As your children matures, it’s important to explain why you feel the need for a curfew – for example, for your child’s safety – so that it does not appear to be a control issue or a lack of trust.  Young children need to feel as though they can be trusted in order to develop a healthy sense of maturity and responsibility.  You can start with smaller tasks or items that offer them an opportunity to behave responsibly and continue to cultivate that as they grow.  You may designate time limits for computer or video game use, television viewing, or other activities to help develop a child’s awareness of time and build that sense of responsibility.

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