You’ve probably never paid attention to those half-used or leftover soaps you leave behind when you check-out of your hotel suites, have you? Each day, hundreds of such soaps are discarded, and left to meet their short-lived ends. But there are exceptions.

With new-age recycling techniques, even these basic supplies can be repurposed and reused. Watch this heartfelt video about an organization that collects used bars of soap from over 4,000 hotels, recycles them into fresh soap and delivers the supplies to people in need, around the world. CEO Shawn Seipler lets you in to his facility, and explains how the non-profit Clean The World helps make the planet a greener, more eco-conscious place to live in.

It’s about time that we make recycling a priority. Every little effort you make can bring about a bigger change. Here are some quick recycling tips to get started.

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