Yes, we asked you to have ‘safe sex’ but we didn’t ask you to ‘play it safe’. Carefully planned sex is comfortable for most couples, and for busy couples, it’s almost the norm. However, every once in a while, it’s worth letting the guards down and indulging in spontaneity. It’s thrilling, it’s adventurous, and it could bring the spark back in your relationship.

Go ahead, get it on at one of these fun spots (and keep our little tips in mind to avoid an anticlimax):

  1. In The Laundry Room: The next time you want to do the laundry, take your partner along. Convert the otherwise boring spot into something fun, especially at night, when the room is less likely to be occupied. If you plan to stack up on a washer or dryer, be extra careful—the machine might not be able to take all of your body weight, and could cause lower back pain.
  2. In The Parking Lot: Late for the movies? Why run to the theater, when you can have more fun outside? Most parking lots are quiet and dim, making for an exciting spot for sudden sex. Get busy on top of the hood, or the back seat of your car. Just watch out for low ceilings, uneven surfaces and knobs.
  3. In The Closet: If you want intimacy, you and your beloved could get cozy in the closet. It could be your own home, or the hotel room; closet sex is more than just the metaphor. Take the time to please each other, and good sex will follow. Use the closet rods and brackets as support, but don’t sit on them.
  4. At The Wedding: Wedding ceremonies are ushers for great sex, and not just for the bride and the groom. Take the opportunity to find a quite spot away from all the dance and music, and indulge in some merrymaking of your own. No matter how great the sex was, avoid discussing it with friends and relatives (to dodge an awkward situation).
  5. In A Boat: Go out on a rowboat with your partner. With nothing but the clear waters around, you’re sure to sink into the bliss. However, if you’re a non-swimmer, the fear of water could have a negative impact on your performance.
  6. On The Balcony Or Deck: If you’re still not very confident about sex in the outdoors, explore the excitement in your balcony. It will give you just enough privacy—with the thrill of an open space. You can cuddle up for as long as you want, but just mind the nosy neighbors. You don’t want an audience, nor want to offend anyone. Avoid the rooftop altogether, it can be risky and slippery.

The elevator, the corner office, or a secluded library—all can be simulators for good sex; no matter what place you pick, be unafraid, and enjoy the moment.

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