Here’s the best part about tending to a fall garden—not only can you use vegetables that grow well in the summers, but you can also get a blend of crops that do well in the coming winter months.

If you have a dedicated garden for flowering and growing plants, you want it to be bug-free and reap good harvest. Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Start Right Away

The key to getting your garden ready for the fall is to start preparing your soil right at the end of summer, and not wait till you enter fall. Remove all crops that you think have started to wither, and remove any weeds that you may notice. Add some organic compost to get extra health in your soil.

  1. Prepare The Soil

Use some organic matter and add three to four layers in the soil, making sure you turn it lightly so that the worms and microbes can be in the soil through the coming months, helping to break up the soil and create compost.

  1. Choose Your Crop Wisely

It is true that not all crops will perform well in the fall season, so make your selection wisely. Look for seeds that are the earliest maturing variety. Veggies such as beetroot, lettuce, spinach, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, radish and cauliflower grow beautifully in fall.

  1. Get A Frost Cover

Start preparing your crops for the coming winter months by using a frost cover. It is a lightweight fabric made of polyester that keeps your crops insulated and protected against the harsh climate. Attach the frost cover to hoops that are positioned a few inches above your crops and never directly on top of the crop.

  1. Watering Your Plants

A fall crop will not need as much watering as crops in the summer months, so make sure you start with lesser water and increase the amount in case you feel they need more.

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