Don’t worry if your love doesn’t translate into hours at the mall, picking out the perfect gift, or having a concierge on call to make sure the champagne arrives on time. The wonderful thing about love is that it makes no exception, or excuses. Even if you’re too lazy to move a muscle, or get planning in advance, you can set up a wonderful date at home. With a little effort, you can have a memorable evening (without having to beat the crowds at the restaurants). Here’s how:

1. From The Living Room To The Ballroom
Look like a smooth-talker and a jazz-walker, without competing with the more trained dancers on the floor. Convert your living room into a private ballroom. Put on a slick attire, dim the lights, and play your partner’s favorite music. Open a bottle of bubbly, and order-in your partner’s favorite food. Within minutes, you have the ambiance for a romantic date, right there.

2. Sensual Spa Time
Everyone loves a relaxing massage. Receiving it from your partner makes the experience only much sweeter. Take turns, of course. Contrary to common belief, setting up a spa at home is not very difficult. All you need is some massage oil, scented candles, and soothing music. For more tips and inspiration, refer to our handy guide.

3. Turn Up The Heat
Cooking together can be therapeutic, and can work as a bonding exercise for couples. Besides, it saves you the time and the energy to drive down to a fancy restaurant. You don’t even have to worry about planning a menu, we’ve got that covered.

4. Relive The Old Days
Watching the wedding video, or going through old photographs of the two of you, can be a great way to relive the magic of your relationship. Alternatively, make a night out of it by doing a rom-com marathon. It’s even better when the lead actors are you and your mate. It doesn’t get more romantic than celebrating your journey as a couple.

5. Camping In The Backyard
Too lazy to head out? Set up a romantic camp in your backyard. Make it fun with beer, BBQ, and fun activities that need little planning. Play your favorite board game, or challenge each other to a game of chess. Sit back and recall funny stories and events, or just sit back, listen to some music, while gazing at the stars. Could it get any more romantic?

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