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Chakra meditation involves unblocking and balancing the flow of energy throughout your body with deep concentration.


  • Sit in the Lotus pose or lie comfortably in a peaceful place. Breathe deeply, relax your body and close your eyes.
  • Focus your attention first on your root chakra (at the base of spine). Imagine the area glowing red and being filled with a warm, comforting energy.
  • Imagine the energy rising to the navel chakra. Visualize the color changing to orange, making you feel more sensual and attractive.
  • Pull the energy further up into your solar plexus. Visualize the energy becoming yellow, for power and energy.
  • Let the energy flow up to your heart and turn green, filling you with feelings of love and peace.
  • Next the energy rises to your throat chakra. Visualize the energy becoming a ball of blue light. Feel the power of expressing yourself clearly.
  • Let the energy flow up to your third eye chakra and the color become purple, filling you with intuition and increasing your psychic abilities.
  • Finally, the visualize the energy turning white as it flows up to your crown chakra. Feel your personal energy connecting with other currents in the universe.
  • Breathe deeply several times. Open your eyes and stretch.