As life gets busier, the need for inner peace becomes even more relevant. Meditation is a proven tool to help achieve a calm state of mind and a healthy, balanced life. There are many myths surrounding the very practice of meditation, one of them being that it is a solo journey into self-discovery. However, newer studies suggest that meditation is more effective in the company of a friend. This gives rise to the concept of what’s colloquially called ‘frienditation’.

If you prefer to meditate in solitude, go ahead, by all means. But meditating with a friend is worth trying—for these reasons:

  1. A Smooth Start: Meditation, for beginners, is no easy feat. Starting with a friend who is already into the practice will help you set the mood and will clear any doubts you might have.
  2. Staying Disciplined: Long working hours, racing thoughts, boredom, fatigue—there are many factors that could lead you astray. The discipline to train your mind and focus will come to you eventually, but for starters, allow a friend to monitor your progress. You are less likely to back out if you have someone to hold your back and help you follow a routine. Also, remember that meditation is not a task; it can only relax you when you’re tired, and calm you down when you’re stressed.
  3. Building Relationships: Sharing an experience as serene as meditation will not only help you connect with your inner self, but will also strengthen the bond with your buddy.
  4. Sharing Experiences: Meditation clears the mind and helps unravel deep-seated thoughts. It is easy to share your emotions with someone who has gone through the same experience, and is likely to understand you. Moreover, putting your thoughts in words will help you understand yourself better. What better way to achieve this, than to meditate with a friend?
  5. Increased Energy: Each person has their own strong and weak centers of energy. When you meditate with a friend, you both compensate for each other’s weak centers. You will notice that the energy in the room is way higher during collective meditation.

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