As reported by, Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has undertaken three days of meditative silence while on vacation in Costa Rica with fellow model Kiara Kabukuru.

The two seek to find their inner Zen while these three days. Posting a photo of her and Kirara posing with their hands together in prayer via her Instagram account, Gisele confirmed on Twitter: ”Here we go… 3 days in silence. #goinginward ’

Both Bundchen and Kabukuru are in their late thirties and seem to be trying to rejuvenate themselves while on this break. Bundchen re-posted an image of a basket of vegetables that her personal raw food chef Joanne Gerrard Young had tweeted stating the two international beauties were ‘starting’ their ‘juice cleanse’.

Meditation’s growing popularity stem from a few factors. In an increasingly globalized world, eastern traditions seem to be attracting renewed attention. In addition, there are many new health studies attesting to the health benefits of meditation. For example, patients who meditated or prayed appear to have more success in surgery, both in terms of recovery times and effectiveness of the surgery itself.

Meditation can develop three mental function – sensory clarity, concentration and equanimity or inner peace. By focusing on the present, and eliminating the constant flow of mental images and inner talk that clutters the mind, meditation provides many benefits.

  • Increase focus – meditation can clear the mind of distractions, helping you focus on the immediate present. Developing a skill for heightened concentration can lead to increased efficiency in various aspects of your life.
  • Fight the effects of stress – meditation can be very relaxing to the body and mind. It can be a tool to break up difficult or lingering emotions, which can relieve stress.
  • Enhance the natural healing rate of the body – anxiety, fear, anger and other negative emotions affect hormone levels in the body, impacting the body’s immune system. By meditating, you increase alpha waves in the mind, which produces a state of calm Which can normalize the body’s hormones,  strengthening the body against illness.
  • Reduce depression and anxiety – through meditation, a person will learn how to dissolve negative thoughts. Depression, anxiety and other difficult emotions can be tackled and eliminated.
  • Nurture  positive behavior – meditation encourages self awareness and acceptance. In turn, one becomes more tolerant and forgiving of others.
  • Meditation improves the person’s overall performance – by making the mind and body healthier, an overall sense of wellness can be achieved. By clearing and focusing the mind, the body becomes healthier and stronger.

Source: IANS

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