Meditation for beginners is no easy feat. Those who’ve tried and strived will tell you that you can’t just set the mood, get in position and wait for the magic to happen. It may take some time, a very long time possibly for some to achieve that state of grace.

But although it is difficult, it’s not impossible, and as you know it has quite a few health benefits too, which makes it worth the struggle. If you’re a beginner, here are five lesser known meditation tips to ease your way.

  1. You Don’t Always Have To Shut Your Eyes: When you picture a meditative pose, you will quickly consider a cross-legged position, sitting on the floor with your eyes shut. This may be the most ideal pose, but it is certainly not the only one. You can meditate with your eyes open as well. Set your focus to a certain point; it could be the sky or a plain wall. Concentrate on that point the next time you try meditating.
  2. Don’t Be Too Critical If Your Mind Wanders: Nobody can ward off wandering thoughts at their first meditation stint. It is natural to be flooded with a million thoughts the moment you sit calmly, without a chore on hand. The goal here is to learn how to focus and then refocus, again and again till your mind quiets down.
  3. You Don’t Have To Always Meditate In The Morning: They say morning meditation prepares your mind for a fresh start. But you don’t always have to follow this, especially if you’re new at it. As a beginner you can use any time of the day to practice your newfound activity. You could be stuck in a cab in traffic or idle at work, use up any time you get to meditate. This is particularly also helpful if you have busy mornings can and don’t have much time to spare. If you try to force yourself in the morning you’ll only end up thinking and worrying about getting late for your appointments during the day.
  4. Prepare A Meditation Sanctuary To Motivate Yourself: Modern day meditation rituals have a lot of frills that help people get ‘into the mood’. Things like meditation music, essential oils, candles, and incense can be inspiring. Create a mini sanctuary in your home and set these props into place, so that you can make the moment picturesque and motivating.
  5. Breaking Other Meditation Stereotypes: There are a lot of things we know about meditation that you may not necessarily need to follow as a beginner. For instance, you don’t always have to sit on the floor; any spot is good as long as you are comfortable. Neither do you have to stretch it for a whole hour; try meditating earnestly for as long as you can. Even 15 minutes of absolute peace is enough for a beginner to relax and reduce stress levels.

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