Find out how to pick the right kind of music to make meditation more effective and enjoyable.
Today, music therapy is considered both an art and science. It is used to help with cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional and effective development.
Meditation not only refreshes and rejuvenates the mind, it also relaxes you without making you sleepy.
The sun contains within itself tremendous healing energy, and yet staring at it directly can be harmful to our vision—except at very specific times.
In all its forms, yogic sleep promotes an incredible calmness of body and clarity of the mind.
We spend a lot of time at work, why not make the best of your workplace.
Meditation calms your mind, soothes your nerves and even prepares you for labor!
Recall the scent of your favorite flower and beautify your life with the wonders of meditation!
Use your power of visualization to cultivate a positive frame of mind and live a happier life.
Be it rock, pop, classical or even disco, your favorite music holds the power to recharge you emotionally and mentally.