5 DIY Gifts To Save You Time & Money This Holiday Season

by Debolina Raja

Isn’t the best part about Christmas the giving and receiving of gifts? But the chaos during the crazy holiday season can definitely take away from this joy. Many times, it’s just so difficult to choose just the right gift. Very often, we give in to commercialism, play it safe and buy something very clichéd like a hamper of beauty products or a basket of mini muffins. This year, take the gift-giving to the next level and make gifts more personal. Show your family and friends that you really put some thought into it by planning ahead and making their Christmas gift, yourself. Here are some beautiful presents that you can easily make at home, that will make the perfect Christmas-time gifts for your loved ones.

1. Homemade Cookies: Homemade cookies are an extremely simple way to gift your loved ones something personal. Cookies baked by you will only remind the receiver of the thought and effort you put into baking them. Try baking a batch in different shapes such as hearts, snowflakes, gingerbread men, and stars. Once done, decorate them with frosting, icing or sprinkles. Place them all in a little basket, add a candy cane or two, and wrap a bright red ribbon around the handle.

2. Hand Painted Jars & Coffee Mugs: Another great gifting idea is to hand-paint jars, coffee mugs or tea cups. Use bright and festive colors such as red, green and gold. Try adding some contrast to the colors by creating simple designs such as stripes, polka dots or stars. An interesting way to gift them is to place them all on a decorated tray and wrap it with a big ribbon.Use paints that are non-toxic and won’t run when washed.

3. DIY Hand Cream: Thankfully, Christmas is in winter and you can use this opportunity to try your hand at this simple DIY hand cream. The best part is that since you’ll be using natural ingredients and not chemicals to make it, your gift will be completely organic. To make the cream, take an eighth of a cup of grated beeswax, a third of a cup of organic coconut oil, a fourth of a cup of avocado oil or organic sweet almond oil, 1 cup organic cocoa butter or shea butter, and a few drops of any essential oil of your choice.

Add all the ingredients, except the essential oil, in a boiler and place on medium heat, till the shea or coconut butter has melted. Keep stirring to remove any lumps and then add the essential oil. Heat thoroughly, stirring all the while. Remove from heat and let it cool. Store it in the fridge for at least three hours or as long as it takes for the mix to set. Remove from the fridge and whip it in a blender to get a cream-like consistency. Transfer in to a bottle, which you can decorate with a ribbon tied in a bow and a sprig of lavender.

4. Festive Candles: Buy thick candles in festive colors such as green or red. Gather a bunch of cinnamon sticks around one of the candles. Hold them in place with a red and white ribbon and tie it in a bow to give it that Christmassy feel. You can also glue the cinnamon sticks to keep them in place. When the candle is lit, the warm wax will heat the cinnamon and it will give off a sweet and festive scent. Repeat with the rest of the candles. Some other scents you can try are pine, pumpkin, fig, apple, cranberry, blueberry, clove, orange, candy cane, peppermint, cardamom, gingerbread, cedar wood and bayberry. These essential oils are easily available online. You can generously sprinkle it on the candles you intend to gift.

5. Warm Winter Jar: In a mason jar, scoop in cocoa powder so it’s a little less than half-full. Add a bunch of marshmallows till the top and a few chocolate squares. This thoughtful gift is a great way to let your friends make some hot chocolate and marshmallows on cold evenings. Your friends will appreciate the gift when they have a sweet craving, at least till the marshmallows last.

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