5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The 'Conquered' Premiere

by Shahrzad Warkentin

The true stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary obstacles featured in the original, new series POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered, premiering January 17 at 9:30 PM, will do more than leave you in awe. They will inspire you, move you, and leave you wanting more. Find out where you can watch the show.

You Won’t Believe The Obstacles The People Featured in Conquered Have Faced

From surviving, thriving, and starting a public campaign after a double mastectomy like Paulette Leaphart to becoming paralyzed overnight — yet refusing to let it slow her down — like Mia Schaikewitz, the people featured in Conquered have faced some extreme hardships. But rather than letting those obstacles stop them, however, overcoming them has only made them stronger and motivated them to do incredible things with their lives. Watch a sneak peek of Paulette and Mia's episode of Conquer'd here.

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You’ll Feel Inspired Just Hearing These Stories

Even more powerful than the stories themselves, is the feeling you will get watching them. It’s impossible not to feel moved and inspired as you watch the courageous Paulette Leaphart, at right, featured in the first episode, walk thousands of miles topless in order to bring awareness to breast cancer. That overwhelming feeling of empowerment in the face of adversity will stay with you long after you’re done watching. Watch a sneak peek of Paulette's episode here.

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You’ll Discover The Power of Positivity

It can be easy to sink into despair if you’ve had to face some of the tremendous obstacles the people featured in Conquered's amazing stories have faced. Instead of letting negativity take over, however, these courageous people have used the power of positivity to face what life has thrown at them and conquer it.

You’ll Be Ready To Conquer Your Own Goals After Watching Conquered

Watching others overcome tremendous hardship will motivate you to face your own obstacles, no matter how big or small. If Mia Schaikewitz, at right, featured in the first episode, can live a rewarding life as an athlete and swimmer despite being paralyzed, then you too can find a way to accomplish your own dreams. Watch a sneak peek of Mia's episode here.

You Won’t Want To Stop Watching

The compelling stories in Conquered will grab you from the first minute and never let you go. Despite the odds stacked against them, the people featured in these stories never quit or give up, which will make you never want to quit following along on the journey.

Don’t miss Z Living’s brand new original series POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered! Tune in January 17 at 9:30 PM and get ready to be wowed by these amazing stories, only on Z Living.

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