5 Ways To De-Stress If You're Not Into Meditation

by Simona Terron
There are many bonuses if you are into meditation; it can calm you down, release anxiety and unclench stiff muscles in the face, head and neck, which are major causes of headaches. Meditation can also help you improve your focus, get better sleep and prevent you from slipping into depression after traumatic incidents.
But not all of us are cut out for meditation. For some folks, the very thought of sitting still, burning some incense and chanting a mantra is enough to make them stress out. But if you‘re one of these people, you really have nothing to worry about. There are other ways to achieve this same calm and stress relief, and we’re here to tell you exactly how to do this:  
  1. Dance: Despite the fact that we’re smart, we humans tend to face several health issues that arise from not being in touch with our physical self and these in turn, lead to all kinds of harmful disorders such as stress eating, depression, anxiety, failure at anger management and more. This is why dance meditation is a great way to combine music, movement and spirituality.
  2. Painting: The act of expressing our thoughts and feelings through art is as old as time itself, from cavemen’s rudimentary stick figure drawings to exquisite frescoes on cathedral ceilings during the Renaissance. And it’s no surprise that painting or sculpting can lead to a catharsis for many folks. Art therapy is slowly becoming a respected form of treatment for people suffering from long term depression  and other emotional troubles.
  3. Music therapy: Listening to music can make anyone feel like their troubles could just melt away. If you know how to play an instrument, that’s incredibly helpful but even if you don’t, sometimes just letting the sounds of soothing notes wash over you, can be incredibly stress relieving as an exercise.
  4. Knitting or sewing: Conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are greatly relieved by simple pursuits like embroidery, crochet or knitting. For those who suffer from anxiety and seek solace in things like smoking or mindless snacking, these activities make for great substitutes. The upside is you actually have something to show for all your efforts with pretty and useful gifts.
  5. Maintaining a fish tank: Water bodies have long been known to induce feelings of calm and peacefulness. Maintaining an outdoor fountain or even a little koi pond in your backyard can be a lovely way to distress on a daily basis. If you have an indoor tank, it too can serve a similar purpose, and there’s nothing more soothing than watching pretty fish swim around in a placid surrounding.
Try any of these solutions the next time you experience an overwhelming sense of being stressed out and are ready to snap.

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