6 Myths Linked With Meditation Retreats: Debunked

by Simona Terron

Meditation has been proven to soothe frazzled nerves, restore the mind and body, and relieve anxiety and depression. It sounds easy enough and there are various kinds of meditation techniques to suit everyone, depending on their specific needs. Tools like guided meditation tapes, music, essential oils and incense only help the process along, and can enhance the entire experience. While you can connect with your inner self in the privacy of your own home or office, meditation retreats are quite popular with those who wish for a more intense session.

We tell you what to expect, and demystify some common myths associate with meditation retreats:

Myth 1: You Need To Be Vegan Or Vegetarian To Enroll Into A Meditation Retreat
Fact: A nutritious, tasty and balanced diet is the key to healthy living, so feel free to eat whatever helps you attain that. Abstaining from harmful substances will only do your mind and body a world of good, and allow you to focus on reconnecting to your inner self more efficiently. With that being said, most retreats will not dictate food choices.

Myth 2: You Need To Give Up Chocolate, Sex, Or Anything Fun
Meditation is an experience that can only enhance your life. It might increase your desire to make healthy choices and changes, but there’s no need to give up life’s little pleasures. In fact, meditation will most likely teach you to truly value and enjoy them even more.

Myth 3: You Need To Know & Chant Mantras
Fact: While some folks meditate by repeating traditional sounds or by singing, silence is a powerful tool for healing, too. Find what works for you, and leave the rest.

Myth 4: You Need To Dress The Part
Flowing robes and yoga pants have become the norm, but as long as you are physically not restricted, able to breathe freely, and comfortably clad, most resorts will let you wear whatever you like. There’s no dress code to meditate.

Myth 5: You Need To Sit On A Yoga Mat To Meditate
Fact: Yes, yoga mats or tatami mats are commonly used by many meditation practitioners, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. As long as you are relaxed, you can meditate seated in a chair, on a floor cushion, or even lying down.

Myth 6: You Need To Come In With A Fixed Goal
Fact: You don’t need to make a list of what you hope to achieve using meditation. Needs change just as people do, and everyone can benefit from a bit of quiet and relaxation, so put aside your planner and arrive with the sole intention of learning something new: about life, the world or even just yourself.

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