7 Unexpected Ways To Cure "Winter Depression"

by Karina Assad

Winter depression is all too real. January through April marks a very dark for a lot of people—emotionally and literally. Shorter days, colder winds, and higher gas bills also add to the struggle. Here are a few tips to make it through the gloomy months, and cure your seasonal depression: 

Invest in Vitamin D 

Depression can often be influenced by a deficiency of Vitamin D. Sad Lights Review claims that numerous studies have shown that  the light of a Vitamin D lamp can help those feeling blue. Berkeley Wellness also recommends taking Vitamin D supplements. 

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Do Yoga

According to Dr. Saltzman, an accomplished anesthesialogist who practices Bikram yoga, in a piece from Everyday Health, the practice has an ability of breaking down the stress hormone and creating a sense of mindfulness that combats depression and anxiety. 

Keep A Journal

Laurie Nadel, PhD explains on WebMD, “"[Journaling] allows you to tap into deeper reserves of creativity and problem-solving. By keeping a journal, you can get a flash of knowing and awareness that you haven't seen before."

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Be Creative! 

According to WebMD , expressing yourself artistically can help you get through a rough patch. The article explains that activities like drawing, photography, and music are great avenues towards beating depression. 

Healthy Eating! 

“You are what you eat,” may just be an old phrase, however it still holds true. Eating junk food can be very hard on your nervous system, while eating more greens gives your nerves a break. To read more on this check out Z Living’s, Eating More Greens Can Help Relieve Your Anxiety

Lighting Alarm! 

Waking up to a loud beeping alarm can be hard on anyone in the morning, but especially to those struggling with seasonal depression. A very good solution is the Wake-Up Light. This alarm light slowly brightens your room to replicate a friendly sunrise to help start your day. Users often say they it puts them in a better mood for the day, as well as eliminating the need to snooze.  

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Volunteering doesn’t just help those in need, but also the volunteers. When one looks past themselves and worry about others, they don’t dwell on the negative thoughts that run them. According to Counselling Blog, volunteering involves the power of social connection, and can create a change of thought patterns. A change of your perspective will likely lead to raising self-esteem, and leads to better overall health.


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