Start Your Day Invigorated with This 90-Second Trick

by Myla Cruz

There’s nothing worse than waking up groggy, dreading the busy day ahead. Trust us, we feel you. That’s why we wanted to let you in on this tried-and-true, 90-second trick that will help you begin your day invigorated and ready for anything that might come your way. 

What Research Says About Cold Water Exposure

Entrepreneur recently reported on a 19th Century Bavarian Monk who claimed that plunging into a cold river 2-3 times a week had healing and restorative powers. Well, as recent studies would show it, this Monk was on to something. Researchers have found that those used to swimming in frigid water actually have an increased tolerance for stress. 

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Another study indicates that taking a 5-minute cold swim twice-a-day could actually boost your white-blood cell counts, boosting the immune system and helping to combat and prevent your next cold. Lastly, research has shown that cold water could actually help you burn fat by aiding in the creation of brown fat cells, which create warmth and burn energy. On the other hand, immersing oneself in cold water daily could also help greatly with blood circulation, as exposure to cold water makes our arteries and veins constrict. This temporary tightening allows blood to flow at a higher pressure, which is great for cardiovascular health.

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Additionally, exposure to cold water could actually help in battling depression. A 2008 study by the US National Library of Medicine found that cold showers stimulate the sympathetic areas of the nervous system and increase beta-endorphin levels in the blood. This in turn sends a high level of electrical impulses to the brain producing an anti-depressant effect.  

Putting it Into Effect

So, how you one input cold water into your daily routine in a quick and effective way? Start in the shower. Begin your morning with your regular bathing routine, then end it off by running 30 seconds of cold water, followed by 30 seconds of hot water and ending off with 30 more seconds of cold water. By doing this, you’re able to enjoy the effects of waking the body naturally and exposing yourself to any of the positive benefits of cold water exposure.

Do you have quick tricks and tips for getting energized in the AM? Leave them in the comments below. 

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