5 Quick Ways To Determine If You're Burning Yourself Out

by Linden Schaffer, Pravassa.com

This article was originally posted on Pravassa.com—a wellness travel agency—as "Are You On The Brink Of Burnout?," and is reposted with permission from the author.

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Super simple ways to tell if you're burning yourself out. 

Take a moment for a quick 5-step self-evaluation.

1. Sleep—Would you generally say that you are not getting enough sleep or hours of quality rest?

2. Eating Habits—Do you lose your appetite when you’re busy or reach for the unhealthiest option to cope in what seems like an unmanageable situation?

3. Exercise—You know movement is the way to counteract the ill-effects of our increasing sedentary lifestyle. Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of adding exercise to your schedule?

4. Coping Mechanisms—Do you lash out at others over minor issues? Do you fire off emails that you later regret?

5. Success—Are there never enough hours in your day to complete everything on your list? Do you forget to stop and celebrate the small victories because you bypass them on your way to the next thing?

If you answered yes to more than half of the above questions, congratulations, your fight-or-flight response is in a constant state of readiness. That means, it's time for a VACATION!

Good news, you came to the right place! Join one of our upcoming group trips or get in touch to plan a custom wellness vacation of your choice.

We look forward to reigniting your spark.

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You have plenty of great ways to unwind. 

Z Living has a wide variety of great shows to enjoy while you unwind from nearly burning yourself out at work. Get caught up in the tales of engaged couples trying to get fit for their weddings on Altar'd, take some fitness and relaxation tips from Namaste Yogaor let yourself oggle the adorable rescue dogs featured on Finding Fido

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