A Spotify Playlist For Essential Beach Listening

by Z Living Gal
It's that time of year, when the sun is out, the weather is hot and some days there's simply nothing left to do but head to the beach! Here in Southern California hitting the beach is more a way of life than a seasonal past-time, but we know that not everyone is so lucky. 

Spending time in the sun, surf and sand is an exercise in finding your bliss, but it also comes with some health risks to keep in mind. Here's our must-pack list for spending quality and health-concious time at the beach.

Manage Sun Exposure

Of course we recommend a good sunscreen with a high SPF (30+) and broad spectrum coverage. Make sure you re-apply often and the same goes for the kiddos. A gorgeous floppy hat is another smart sun essential. A broad rim will protect your face, neck and shoulders and make sure you get just enough (and never too much) sun. Check out our Freckle Faced Beauty Guide for more ideas on keeping your skin protected and glowing. 

Healthy Snacks 

Of course you want to bring a cooler stocked with delicious and nutritious snacks. We love a mix of snacks that pack a protein punch, deliver a little salt (actually helps to regulate your hydration) and keep you satisfied - not bloated. Keep in mind that the sun will make it extra important to hydrate so fruits and veggies that have some water in them are a good idea, on top of the non-caffeinated (or alcoholic) beverages that will also deliver important hydration. Try these Homemade Granola Bars for a healthy and delicious snack.

The Tunes

The right playlist is an essential part of your beach-going gear. Whether you're pumping the hits from your bluetooth speakers for all to enjoy (consider good beach etiquette and don't play anything too loud or with offensive language if there are a lot of folks around) or you're enjoying your feel-good playlist a la earbuds, the right soundtrack can add a relaxing and refreshing part to your beach-going experience. We've put together some  recommendations for solid sand listening. Give our spotify playlist a try and let us know what you would add to the mix.

Most importantly, have fun out there!

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