Vegan Celebs Who Are Hot, Healthy & Happy

by Simona Terron
They’re rich, famous and superbly talented but did you know that these gorgeous celebs are also vegan? Committed to being healthy and also enjoying the peace that comes from having a clear conscience thanks to their cruelty-free dietary choices, they’re truly inspirational. Whether they’re vegan for health reasons, or spiritual ones, we think they’re marvelous for sticking to their beliefs despite having busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and challenges that would faze most folks. More power to such lovely people!

Here are our 10 favorite vegan celebs:

1. Jessica Chastain: She’s been vegetarian for 15 years, and vegan for six. Maybe her inspiration was her vegan chef mother, for whom she bought a vegan food truck a couple of years ago. Although she’s never said it herself, her glowing skin and svelte figure can easily be attributed to her being vegan.

2. Mike Tyson: This formidable former heavyweight boxing world champion may not look the part, but his ferociousness doesn’t extend to his diet. He adopted veganism to recover from a life of drug-abuse induced illnesses. The choice helped him lose 100 pounds and heal his body, and he’s been an ardent advocate of veganism.

3. Venus Williams: This incredible professional tennis genius went vegan shortly after she was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder. Seeing her slay her opponents on the court is enough proof that being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t be strong and a BOSS at whatever you choose to do. Plus she looks mighty fierce while she’s at it.

4. Alicia Silverstone: The actress went from being a teenager battling severe asthma, insomnia, full-blown acne and constipation thanks to her ‘steak and donut diet’ to a vegan lifestyle that helps her sleep deeply, with no weight issues and loads of energy. She even claims she got less puffy and her complexion improved drastically.

5. Alanis Morissette
: The powerful singer considers food as healing medicine. She raised her young son to be totally vegan but confesses she herself is only 80 percent vegan because she occasionally enjoys seafood and admits she’s obsessed with oysters. The book on following a plant-based diet, called The China Study by renowned nutritarian, Joel Fuhrman, as well as his book, Eat to Live helped her make the transition.

6. Natalie Portman: Moved by the plight of animals and their suffering, she educated herself further on the meat and dairy industry before turning vegan. A vegetarian from the age of 9, she went vegan after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals, even ensuring her wedding in 2012 was catered with only vegan foods.

7. Betty White:
Known as one of the sassiest seniors on the acting scene, this feisty femme has been vegetarian longer than anyone on this list. After 30 years of being vegetarian she switched to veganism and is a committed animal rights activist. She says it best when she declares she “could never see [herself] eating a best friend”.

8. Ellen & Portia: This power couple went vegan together once they moved to a farm in California and grew fond of the animals there. Ellen’s blog has tons of recipes and features several celebrity guests and chefs sharing vegan recipes and their stories of living a vegan lifestyle.

9. Usher: Yes, he’s hot and boy, has he got some smooth moves…but did you know that the R&B star has been vegan since his dad suffered a heart attack in 2008? He thinks being vegan is one of the healthiest ways to live and is a big fan of eating clean.

10. Carrie Underwood:
A vegetarian since she was 13, Carrie turned vegan in 2011 and has won PETA's sexiest vegetarian twice, in 2005 and 2007. She calls herself a ‘practical vegan’ and not a fanatic, happy to eat a dish even if it’s mistakenly sprinkled with cheese while dining at a restaurant (she won’t send it back). That just makes us like her even more!

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