10 Causes You Can Support This Holiday Season

by Myla Cruz
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PetSmart Charities
Animal Welfare Institute
St. Jude’s Research Hospital
Kula for Karma
One Tree Planted
Canines for Disabled Kids
Warrior Canine Connection
Pearl S. Buck International
Project Night Night
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Did you know that gift giving is not only beneficial for the recipient, but for the giver as well? Yep,  happiness is linked to acts of giving, it’s been proven by science time and time again– most recently in a published study by professors at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, as well as in sociologist Christian Smith’s book The Paradox of Generosity.

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It’s a wild idea, but those who donate funds and time are actually stroking the area of their brain that lights up when we engage in wholly pleasurable activities. With the holiday season just around the corner—thoughts of generosity, compassion and family on our minds, check out these ten verified charities above to make positive changes around the globe.

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