Our Pick Of The Easiest & Most Fun Christmas DIY Ideas You Can Make With Your Kids

by Aparna Ayyar

Christmas is a great time to teach your children the joy of DIY. Repurpose things lying around the house and show them simple tricks to refashion everyday objects. This will instil in them a sense of eco-friendly thriftiness. Here are five things you can make with your children that are fun, interesting and in keeping with the holiday spirit.

1. Advent Wreath:
An advent wreath is a great way to let your childmake a Christmas decoration, while also teaching them about Christianity. Withyour children, set on a foraging adventure and look for foliage from around your home, yard and park. Anything that can be gathered and collected is fine. Plucking fresh leaves and flowers, however, is avoidable. Help them wrap it in a circle using red ribbons. Use the ribbon to add four candles in the middle that they can light with you on each Sunday of Advent. Make sure to tell them all about Advent and its importance.

2. Christmas Goodie Box:
Christmas is about sharing, so teach your children about using this time to share their happiness with those who are less fortunate. Help them make a Christmas goodie box that they can share at a local orphanage, old-age home or childrens hospital. Decorate a box with gold, red or green paper and fill it with ornaments, decorations, foliage and candles. You can alsobake cookies or cupcakes with your childand add them in the box.

3. PaintedPine Cones:
Collect pine cones of varying sizes. Gather your paints and have a great time painting them in different festive colors. Put little hats and shoes on them and you have your very own pine cone man, a distant cousin of the snowman. Make a bunch and use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree.

4. Pasta Snowflakes:
All you need for this easy-to-make snowflake is a bunch of pasta (preferably spirali or fusilli, but really any shape works), card paper, and silver paint. Cut out little circles from the card paper. Glue individual pasta shells on a card paper circle in interesting snowflake shapes. Once the glue dries, paint the snowflake with silver paint. Try different designs with different pasta shapes.

5. Toilet Paper Rolls Santa:
Dont throw away your toilet paper rolls. With a little creativity, you can turn them into Santa Claus. Cut out rectangles from red card paper and glue it onthe toilet paper roll. Using a black marker, draw Santas eyes, mouth, hands and feet. Glue a little cotton wool to make his beard. Dont forget to make a hat for him from red card paper. Its really cold at the North Pole.Image: Shutterstock

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