5 Money Practices To Put You On The Path To Prosperity

by Emma Bathie
You likely know about the benefits of being in an emotional state of gratitude – when you’re thankful for what you already have, you open up the vortex for even more good things to come your way. But let’s get real: If you’re constantly feeling anxious about the state of your finances, playing the gratitude game will keep your head stuck in the sand, and you feeling, well, not glad at all.

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If you loathe looking at your bank account, then you’re going to love how you feel after putting these five money practices into play. Because, put simply, clarity creates power, and stepping into your power is what creates the miracle you might be looking for. Here's what to do:

1) Commit to improving your financial situation.

Make the decision to look at the state of your finances head-on. Set aside 15 minutes each day to track your money and improve your financial mindset (and yes, I mean every day—do you want to waste 15- 20 minutes each day watching your Facebook feed or do you want to create money habits that will help you feel wealthy?!)

When you make looking at your financial situation on a daily basis a non-negotiable, you turn it into a habit. Every single day, write down your specific money goals and intentions and work to improve your money mindset. Think of this as making space for your dreams. When you have a specific purpose for what your money goals are for, you’ll find them easier to bring into existence. So start by making a specific spreadsheet—don’t just say I want $10,000 a month—itemize what that money will bring you, e.g. xx for rent/mortgage, groceries, insurances, taxes, necessities, loans, date nights, gifts, holidays, personal development (books, sport, massages…), etc. Title your spreadsheet something like “This IS Happening!” or anything that will get you jazzed to look at it every day. When you look at something often enough, you will state it, bring it and expand it into your reality.

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2) Track your income.

With a separate spreadsheet, track all the income streams you have. Measure and track the things you want to see improved. Set up your spreadsheet so that you see how much you spend and save from each check and deposit.

3) Not happy with your income? Create a side hustle.

Take ownership of what you want to achieve. Don’t settle for a 9-to-5 paycheck if that’s not the life you want. Tell people about what your desires. Ask others who are already doing and achieving what you want to show you the way. Get a mentor. Pay a coach. At the very least, grab yourself a copy of this hot-off-the-press-book What If It Does Work Out? by Susie Moore (July, 2016). Learn how the fabulous Moore was able to make an extra $4,000 per month working weekends and evenings on what lit her up while still thriving at a full-time job.

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4) Cultivate an attitude of expectation.

Expect the money to come. Expect good things to happen. Expect that when you look in the mirror you’re going to like what you see. Expect when you go home you’re going to have a great night, either with partner or on your own. Expect flow. Create a habit of expecting to see the money you want, and don’t forget your happy dance of appreciation when it does.

5) Use Kundalini Yoga “Kriya” to invite more wealth and prosperity into your life.

This is something that was introduced to us in the west by Indian Yogi Bhanjan in the mid-90s, and it captivated many. It is a set of hand movements, which, when practiced on a daily basis, is said to give you the strength, intuition, and clear-headedness to make better choices in life that lead to prosperity. It increases your energy and your auric connection in such a way as to “attract” financial opportunities – your dream job or side hustle, for example, or even unexpected checks in the mail (yes, it’s happened). At the very least, I promise you’ll feel a sense of calm wash over you after this short three-minute practice:

A Yoga Practice That Invites Wealth

Sit in Easy Pose. With elbows by your sides, bring your hands up in front of your heart centre. Alternately hit the sides of your hands together. The Mercury (pinky) fingers and the Moon Mounds (located on the bottom of the palms) should hit when your palms face up. When the palms hit facing down, the sides of the Jupiter (index) fingers touch and the thumbs cross below the hands, with the right thumb under the left. Yogi Bhajan said the thumbs crossing this way is the key to this. 

Kriya Eyes: Look at the tip of your nose, through eyes 9/10th closed.

Mantra: Chant the mantra, "Har, Har." Alternately strike the Moon area and the Jupiter area of your hands as you chant "Har" with the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Pull in the navel with each "Har."

Time: Continue these movements for 3-11 minutes. And smile, knowing Yogi Bhajan has said:

"You should not do it more than three minutes when you are working during the day, or you will become too rich. I am not joking. Doing it for 11 minutes a day is more than enough. Doing it too much will be greed. It stimulates the mind, the moon center, and Jupiter. When Jupiter and the moon come together, there is no way in the world you will not make wealth."

Okay, so if the last practice feels a little woo-woo for you, start with the first four and work your way up to it. I like to think of it this way though – the Universe is made up of “Laws” that cannot be refuted, and it is also made up of things that we cannot explain, but that our Higher Self knows to be true. I also know that when you feel good, good surrounds you.

Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's magic here. 

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