Fire Starter: Danielle LaPorte

by Simona Terron

She’s a sassy lady, with tons of good life advice to share, and she’s gorgeous to boot. Meet Danielle LaPorte, who is driven, ambitious, creative and is helping people build themselves up and create the future they want.

Danielle LaPorte's not your regular self-help guru or motivational life coach. While she loves yoga, she also digs rock music and has a wicked sense of humor. She believes in speaking the truth and she even created something called Truthbombs on a total whim.

So, what's a Truthbomb? 

In her own words, “I wanted a place to express my, ahem, vast and profound wisecracks. I wanted to be encouraging in just one sentence if possible. I rolled out a few one-liners to my friend Steph and she said, “Well THAT’S a Truthbomb!”“

Today you can get your daily #Truthbomb by visiting her website or downloading her app, which is available for iPhone users and Android users as well. And if you like it and want to share it with your loved ones, you can even purchase a physical version of these cards they're gorgeous and oozing with powerful bite-sized doses of truthiness.

If that weren't enough Ms. LaPorte has started something called The Fire Starter Sessions, which challenges creative people and entrepreneurs to overhaul their definition of success. The Desire Map is another ingenious part of her self-empowerment repertoire, one which has become a global movement for women and men to connect with their core desired feelings and create 'goals with soul'.  She calls it her love child as it poured out from her heart in response to seeing so many people running themselves into the ground for ambition, sound familiar? It led to her authoring a book by the same name in which she identifies soulless goals as the makers of meaningless fatigue. So she poses this simple and magical question to eachof us: How do you want to feel? And proposes that we apply the answer to how we approach school, jobs, and relationships, as we seek answers that will become the driver of our life strategies.

The Desire Map book sold over 120,000 copies, has been translated into seven languages, has over 900 workshop facilitators, 27,000+ Facebook members of the group and more than 500 book clubs around the world.

Before you go, check out this extract from her website:

Don’t expect crazy people to be sane (cause that’s crazy), or super emo girls to behave like stoics (did you think she wasn’t going to cry just this one time? Of course she’s going to cry. That’s how she is.) The guy who’s kinda wimpy? Well he’s probably going to wimp out. That girlfriend of yours who runs on chaos like a truck runs on diesel? Ya, she’ll probably keep making choices that make chaos—she likes it that way. The overly generous soul, she’s probably going to be illogically generous and it’ll get her into some trouble—but most of the time it works. The friend who’s always late? Chances are they’re going to be…late.

People are—for better or for worse—generally predictable. An old gentleman friend used to say to me, “Well what do you expect from a pig, but a grunt?” Oink. Point taken. And, Eagles soar. And, you can rely on reliable people.

It’s useful to analyze the stuff of people’s character. Hunh. So why IS he such an asshole? Judgement is inevitable, it’s part of conscious discernment—but sometimes, it makes us a judgmental asshole.
There’s so much sanity to just flowing with someone’s predictability—their norm, their nature. Accept it.
Forgive it. Just tolerate it; or peace out if you don’t want it in your life. But don’t waste too much time trying to change it.


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