Our Inspiring New Show 'Conquered' Will Leave You In Awe

by The Z Living Editors

Ever faced a major obstacle, a worked through a big setback, or overcome difficult odds?

Almost everyone has (or will) at some point in their lives, but the folks we're featuring in our inspiring new original series POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered, premiering January 17 at 9:30PM, have faced a lot more. And their stories will amaze, enliven, and motivate you.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek, and find out where you can watch the show.

Conquered's True Life Stories Will Inspire You

You'll meet the courageous Paulette Leaphart, who, following a radical mastectomy, decides to takes a public stand and walk a thousand miles topless. Her single-minded journey from Biloxi, MS to Washington DC not only raises awareness for breast cancer, but provokes profound personal change for many along her way.

Or how about Mia Schaikewitz, who overnight became paralyzed at 15? She nonetheless digs deep to live a full and rewarding life as an athlete and swimmer — but she had to work through a time period where she seriously considered taking her own life rather than living out her life in a wheelchair.

And those are just the stories told in the premiere episode. There's many, many more to come.

Tune in January 17 at 9:30PM, and prepare to get hooked on this incredible new series, only from Z Living.

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