Stop Feeling Stuck And Start Getting More Done

by Emma Bathie
If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.” ~ Henry Ford

Your beliefs are the cornerstone of EVERYTHING. If you don’t think something is possible, it won’t be. If you believe it is, it will be. The way you feel on a moment-to-moment basis is entwined with what you believe about yourself and that starts with what you choose to think.

Forget affirmations and willpower. Yep, really. Instead, make a fundamental choice. A choice on which all your other choices and behaviors are built. Declare this as a mantra, “I choose to live at my highest potential. I choose to create the life I want instead of playing victim to my circumstances and living in reactionary mode to fulfill other people’s desires. I choose health and vitality. I choose love over fear ALWAYS and to fully play my life out.”

I know life can often feel scary and paralyzing. And, your fear of screwing it all up But I also know your desire to experience more of life’s meaning and magic is bigger than your fear. If you’re ready to get out of Stucksville and get more done, read on.

Stop thinking you’re a limited vessel 

Know this: we are all biologically wired to grow and when we can get out of the way of our ego and connect to our higher self, we remember there is something beyond us that is ALWAYS going to show us the next step if we simply TRUST that what we need will emerge.

I know this can be the daunting part. But the more often you get yourself into a state of flow, with consistent daily habits and practices that help build your momentum, you will find your confidence growing and an upward spiral forming that pulls you into a vortex of higher possibilities.

Step back from the door you think is closed 

Stuck because you think there’s no alternative solution? If you see a closed door in front of you, all it takes to realize this door only represents a tiny area is to simply step back – you will then see open space to the right and left, space all around, and that actually the area of possibility all around that closed door is infinite.

Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable

Often we feel stuck because we don’t want to feel the uncomfortable-ness we know will come with growing. But it’s when we start getting comfortable doing things that are uncomfortable that we begin to gain confidence and find flow and mastery in our life.


Try this: aim to achieve three tough things everyday

Yes, I know, it’s always going to be easier to pick up the simpler things on your to-do list first. In fact some people would argue it helps you to build momentum by doing the easy ones first. However, because there are more-often-than-not so many things on our to do list we’ll often avoid the tough ones and not move our life forward. Me? I’ve been guilty of this for… years! 

So I challenge you today to pick 3 of the tough things on your list, 3 things you’d prefer to avoid and go do them. Want some accountability? Let us know in the comment section below what you’re going to do and when those bad boys have been checked off!

Charge the energy you feel

From a purely cognitive perspective, positioning yourself in a powerless, crouched position can make your brain more predisposed towards hopelessness, or at the very least Stucksville. And how do we sit for most of the day? Hunched and collapsed over our smart phones and laptops!

Want to feel an instant charge and stride out of Stucksville? Check your posture and do this every hour to make sure you’re not in the iSlump position. Roll those shoulders back, spine straight and inhale deeply – you got this!    

Learn to ask for and enjoy getting help

It could be asking the kids to help you with the dishes or putting the laundry away. It could also be having your partner take care of dinner tonight and pretty much anything you usually do yourself because you think it’s just easier. Learn to ask for help with the things you need.  Also, begin to reach out further by telling people what you want to do and achieve and find out  if they have contacts or experience that can help put you in the right direction.

If you’re committed to doing your next thing then commit to a mindset of figuring it out by reaching out ~ get yourself a coach, someone who’s a few steps ahead or who has already achieved what it is you want and can teach you how to get there too. 

Demand the best of yourself

Condition yourself for strength and be your best self. How you do this is to learn to evaluate situations from a different perspective where you ask this simple question: “How would my highest self respond to this situation?”  We all have a choice in how we react to any situation. We can either fall into the negativity and pessimism that most people indulge in or say “I’m going to choose the energy I bring to this, step back from the crazy or indecisive moment I find myself in and ask: How would my highest self view this situation, take action, respond and interact with those around me?”

When we demand the best of ourselves, make choices we stand by and fine-tune our mindset we become limitless. Now we’d love to hear from you! How will you use these tips to stop being a prisoner of your past and truly become the architect of your future?

Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's magic HERE.

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