This Woman Turned A Bus Into A Financial Education Center

by Simona Terron
Marsha Barnes drives a bus, and she's the freshest personal finance coach in town.

Her office, The Finance Bar, was once a school bus; now, it serves as a 45-foot mobile financial center based in Charlotte, NC. Barnes offers money mentorship services including creating a savings plan for you, helping you pay off your debts, and teaching you about credit. Designed for the everywoman, The Finance Bar is a non-profit organization that provides personal finance awareness to communities. So step onto her bus and order from her menu.

For $10 per month, you can join the exclusive Members Club, which offers worksheets, checklists, printables, a members' only forum, expert guidance, and inspirational guidance. You can also "refresh your finances" with a free money 5-day money cleanse. She also has an expense tracker app that you can download and use for free.
Barnes doesn’t sell any financial products or loans or credit reports. And she doesn’t recommend investment opportunities since she doesn’t claim to be an investment professional. What she does call herself is a coach, a finance coach to be precise.

Her goals are simple: to educate people about their finances, to stop folks from making fiscal mistakes that hold them back, to promote smart financial living, and make frugality sexy again. Now those are some cool objectives. More power to you, Marsha!

Image: The Finance Bar
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