Top Adult Online Education Classes To Nurture Your Mind

by Renee Mitson

School kids don’t have to be the only ones to enjoy all of the back-to-school excitement this fall. Feed your mind and spirit by seeking out one of the many educational resources available for adults online. 

These programs can stimulate your imagination, brighten your future, and hey, there's some fascinating stuff out there to study. Bonus: These classes are affordable, too.

Here are some of the best affordable online educational sites to take yourself back to school this autumn:

1. CourseraCollege Courses

Coursera invites anyone with an Internet connection to take free online classes offered by leading universities from around the world. How does learning more about Buddhism from a Princeton course sound? How about sound production from Berklee College of Music? These are just a few of the classes offered right now on Coursera. The platform provides authentic curriculums and allows universities to offer for-credit certificates for those looking to bulk up their resume. 

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2. TreehouseWebsites, Apps, and Business Development

Used by over 189,000 users and companies worldwide, Treehouse is one of the original and best-known online resources for computer science. While the full version is paid, they offer a free trial course to help begin learning how to develop an app, build a website, or start a business. 

3. DuolingoLanguage Learning

While Rosetta Stone might still be the gold standard, Duolingo is an equally extensive and completely free way to learn a new language. From Russian to Catalan, there are dozens to choose from. You can even post your level of fluency in your chosen language on Linkedin. The website and app link, so you can practice wherever you go.  

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4. Hubspot Marketing TrainingDigital Marketing

If you’re a marketer, no doubt you’ve heard about inbound or content marketing. Touted as the digital future of marketing, Hubspot provides a leading software that teaches their principles for successful digital marketing. Now you can learn directly from the source with proper training. Lucky for you, their theoretical program is available to you whether or not you have an account on the pricey platform. Learn how digital marketers are driving traffic to websites, increasing leads, and spreading brand awareness. 

5. AlisonIndustry-Taught Courses

Similar to Coursera, Alison is an online resource for free educational courses, except with these are designated by organizations and education publishers. You can take courses from Google, Microsoft, and other leading companies. They also offer courses in softer skills such as time management and languages. 

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Have more adult education resources? Tell us about them in the comments section below. 

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