6 Signs That It’s Time To Quit Your Job

by Isabel Thottam

Working up the courage to quit your job isn’t easy–even more difficult is finding the right time to actually do it and plan your exit strategy. Before making such a bold move, it’s important to make sure that you’re making the right decision. Here are six signs that it’s time to quit your job. 

You dread going to work every day

If you can’t find one thing you like about actually going to work—for example, your co-workers, your commute, your office setup, or even the view from your desk—then it’s not the place for you. You shouldn’t feel stressed, anxious or tired of going to work every day. Sure, work can be tiring for anyone, but if that feeling is a constant, there better options out there. 

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Your boss denies you a raise or promotion

Since it’s the start of a new year, you likely just had a performance review or have one coming up soon. If you’re expecting to get a promotion or a raise, let that result be a clear sign about whether or not you should quit your job. If you get a raise but it’s not very much, then maybe it’s time to find a company that would put a higher value on you. And if your boss denies your raise or you don’t get the promotion you were expecting, don’t be afraid to take your experience elsewhere. 

A co-worker gets promoted ahead of you

Even worse than not getting a promotion or raise you worked for is, watching someone else get promoted instead. Whether or not they deserve it, if you don’t feel you are being recognized or appreciated at work, then find somewhere that will treat you to the praise you deserve. 

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You don’t like to tell people what you do for a living

Consider this: what do you say when people ask you what you do for a living? If you’re not excited to talk about your career or day job, then you don’t enjoy it and you need a new job. If you let out a sign or flat out avoid the question, this is your gut telling you that you don’t care about your job, which also means you shouldn’t be doing it. 

Your boss doesn’t notice they are overworking you

You constantly work late, answer e-mails when you get home, and show up to work before everyone else. This type of commitment deserves to be recognized, and if someone with your same title has less expectations, you should find a place that will reward sweat and hustle. 

Other people are quitting

The best way to know if the time is right to quit your job is to look at what your co-workers are doing. If a lot of people have quit or moved to other departments recently, that’s usually a sign of poor leadership, or that your company isn’t doing too well. Even more alarming is if senior-level employees are jumping ship. take that as a sign that maybe it truly is the right time to quit.

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