Easy Tips For Curbing Information Overload

by Myla Cruz

Information overload is a common today, especially for millennials, entrepreneurs and business professionals. According to Huffington Post’s report of an annual poll conducted by The Pew Research Center this past December, roughly one-fifth of Americans feel overwhelmed by the amount of information at their fingertips. This leads to countless wasted hours scrolling Facebook and checking emails. Here are some ways in which you can deal with information overload in your day-to-day:

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Leave Your Phone On Silent

It’s surprisingly easy to turn your phone on silent and leave it that way. Without loud email alerts, Twitter notifications, or text tones, you allow yourself the privilege of picking up your phone when you’re ready to consume information. This way, when it’s time to focus on any of the other important things life has to offer, you can. 

Disable Alerts

If silencing your phone doesn’t appeal to you, try just disabling social media-related alerts. The sure notifications that appear on your phone and bait a reaction are the triggers of information overload. By switching off your notifications, you can avoid that all-too-common progression of a Facebook like leading to an hours-long dive of world news and click bait. 

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Take Breaks From Media Apps

Another way to make sure you stay clear of information overload is to take a day or a weekend and delete media apps from your device all together. Get rid of them Friday night and spend time physically hanging out with family and friends. When you’re up Monday morning, head to your app store and re-install to stay connected and consume at your will. 

Take A Media Cleanse

When you’ve pressed send from your couch on that last nighttime email and you’re really ready to tune out, plan a week-long detachment from your phone and all social media apps to really get the benefits of feeling whole and well without your devices. In this time, read, paint, cook, give and make other goals that feed your soul, relationships and experiences. 


The secret to being able to experience information without letting it overload your mind is to prioritize your attention. Know when to stop and fill-up on info and when posts can be passed and scrolled by. Instead of attaching yourself to each headline that draws you in, remember the purpose you’re on your media device; if there isn’t one, lock that screen and find something more productive to do. 

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Enjoy Printed Literature 

You’re not going to get any surprise messages or comments when flipping through a magazine. While news feeds are inundated with current events, you can enjoy the calm stillness of history by picking up a book. Newspapers also offer a nice viscerality, especially when enjoyed in classic fashion with a hot cup of coffee. 

Clean House Online

We all take time to clean our rooms and houses, but when’s the last time you cleaned up your internet? Take a focused day to unfollow and unsubscribe from people and pages that no longer truly feed you and relate directly to who you are today and who you want to be. Take this thought process to your Twitter feed, Facebook feed and email subscriptions and when you’re done, you’ll find much less unnecessary info streamlined into your life.

How do you avoid information overload online? We love to hear from you! Share with us in the comment section below.


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