Love Yourself First

by Z Living Guru
Original Illustrations by Dani Katz

It's a tough world out there sometimes full of stress and anxiety. We know all about it. We're out there too. Sometimes enough stumbling blocks enter your path to make you feel self doubt. Naysayers buzz in your ear like an annoying insect offering all the reasons you can't, won't, and shouldn't.

Take a deep breath, you've arrived at a safe zone. Here at Z Living we're all about offering you a reprieve from that white noise of stress and anxiety that clogs your head space and keeps you from being anything less than your best self. 

We understand that the first step in shaking off all the negativity the world can dish out is to love and accept yourself first. That means embracing the body you're walking around in, accepting your faults along with your strengths, forgiving ourselves often, and taking care of number one first and foremost (that's you btw).

It's easy to get lost in the shuffle of our To Do lists, caring for others and just being flat out busy. When we forget to take care of and love ourselves first, it makes it easier for hard times to seep in and wear us down.

We've chosen a collection of illustrations from one of our favorite contributors; Dani Katz here and included a few articles that will make you go "hmmmm." We hope it helps to remind you that staying buoyant and happy when the waters of life get choppy is a skill worth having under your belt.

Articles to keep you on the path of ultimate self-love, even when the going gets tough: 

Live a Great Life As a Highly Sensitive Person
Three Things To Start Doing Now For Your Best Summer Yet
How To Shift Your Energy in 60 Seconds
Get A Life You Love By Crafting your Ideal Day

What are your best tips for staying balanced and kind to yourself when the universe seems to be piling on the stress and anxiety? Share below.

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