Here's 5 Smart Ways To Avoid Holiday Stress This Year

by Myla Cruz

It’s all too easy to find yourself stressed during the holidays. With a laundry list of to-dos, bountiful gifts to acquire, family to entertain, meals to be made, the time for cheer often feels overwhelming. The phenomenon of holiday stress can even trickle into your most intimate relationships, as stress during the holiday season may even be related to an influx in divorces. Fear not, however, as we’re here to help you avoid stressful holiday mishaps and head-butting with these mindful tricks:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Alter Tradition

A huge reason for stress during the holidays— stringent traditions that are more effort than they’re worth. Well, why not rid yourself of excessive stress this season by adding your own personal spin on holiday traditions that still bring your family together with appreciation and love. If you get nothing out of putting up endless rows of lights, put up less. If you’re craving a healthier version of grandma’s sweet potato casserole, then make it. 

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2. Get Over Perfection

This is definitely one time of year that brings out aspirations of perfectionism in some—are we right or what, Virgos? All those goals of the perfect meals, memorable attire, decor and so on can be a huge deterrent to the real joy of the holiday season. Instead of shooting for perfection, create realistic holiday goals like taking one nice picture, or making a new dish. 

3. Focus on the Positives and Not the Negatives

Sometimes spending extended periods with family members can be stressful. Perhaps heated political debates, or pointless arguments are unavoidable, but it still certainly helps to focus on the positives. It sounds corny, but focusing on what there is to be grateful for does help curb holiday stress considerably. 

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4. Brainstorm Informal and Low-Cost Activities 

Spending money and getting done up are a couple of the most stressful parts of the holidays. Think up some low-cost, yet fun activities this season. Round up the family, friends and little ones for an evening baking holiday cookies. Take a field trip to find the best Christmas lights in your city. Build a snowman. 

5. Create the Mood and Enjoy It

This is the one time to break out your Mariah Carey Christmas albums with zero inhibitions. Throw on that ugly sweater and pour a glass of eggnog. Watch football. Sing songs. There’s a special allowance in December, where you’re allowed to make life a bit more dazzling. Take advantage of it, and your holiday stress will surely melt away. 

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