The Dos & Don'ts When Traveling With Your Boss

by Charlene Flanagan
A business trip can make or break your career. And while you’re super excited about the change of scenery, you have to remember that it’s not a vacation. While you can still bend the rules when traveling with colleagues, when your boss is part of the equation, certain rules must be obeyed. After all, your year-end review does lie in the hands of your reporting manager, so you might just want to tread carefully.

Here are some important pointers to help you out:

Don’t Be Tardy

If you were heading to the office, you wouldn’t want to be late, seeing as they could duck half a day’s pay, right? Well, when you’re traveling, the ‘On Time’ rule still applies, especially when you’re traveling with your boss. While it’s okay that she keeps you waiting, make sure you’re ready and waiting, preferably a few minutes before the agreed upon time. Treat the trip as you would treat any other business day.

It’s Still Work

While your work may take you to exotic locations, the primary purpose of a business trip is, well, business. This means that while you may be excited to see a new place, you mentally need to prepare yourself that you might not really have the time to explore, considering you might be in meetings or a conference for most of the day. Now, when you’re on your own time, there’s no reason you cannot make the most of where you are. Of course, within limits, considering you might have early engagements scheduled for the next day.

Grab A Drink, Not Drinks

There’s no denying that traveling with your boss can be stressful and warrants a few drinks at the very least. But remember, you’re still at a professional engagement and you need to keep the drinks to a minimum. For one, you really don’t want to make a spectacle of yourself, and two, you really don’t want to be hungover and sitting through business meetings.

Don’t Misuse The Expense Account

A company expense account is in place for expenses incurred while on office time. Don’t charge hand-crafted souvenirs to your expense account and expect them to not notice. After all, the company will handle their finances, and scrutinize every bill or receipt handed over. So if you expect a refund, spend wisely.

Dress Appropriately

Every trip calls for sensible clothing, accessories and shoes. However, when traveling for work, make sure you are impeccably dressed in formal business attire and smart shoes. You want to leave an impression, but more importantly, be invited back, so be on your best behavior.

Rules are meant to be broken, but when traveling for business, make sure you keep a professional image, no matter what relationship you share with your boss. He or she could be a great friend, but keeping things professional will always go a long way.
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