How To Talk To The Universe And Have Her Respond

by Emma Bathie
We all know someone whose life seems to be one big serendipitous event. You know that person who walks into a room and lights it up with EVERYTHING they have going for them. You don’t necessarily know what their secret is, but you wish you had it – that almost otherworldly charisma, and sense of magic they carry around with them like an aura of destiny.

It’s funny. At least I can sort of laugh at it now.

When I was younger I seemed to intuitively “get” it.  That the more positive, confident, and happy I was in my own skin, the better life got. I spent my twenties and thirties living a life I often pinched myself over. Then, in a string of randomly messed up events and decisions (of course there was nothing random about them - I had somehow called it all in), I lost my way for a while. To put it mildly I lost my confidence, my self-belief, and my flow.

While it took endless hours pouring over self-help books, PD courses, and sliding down various bathroom walls, once I remembered that, like the Law of Gravity, I didn’t need to “see” the Universe to accept that she works in certain ways. It was as if something suddenly clicked and life began to shine her magic for me brighter than ever.  

Remembering how to interact with the natural laws of the Universe and speak her language brought me back to my yellow brick road. In case you’ve also lost your way, here are 5 truths I believe will help you back to yours too:

1) Understand that the Universe (divine intelligence, your higher self, whatever you choose to call it) is within you and we are all one. This one and the same power is the energy that holds the water in the oceans and the stars in the sky and is the fabric that binds humanity.

Remembering this almighty force IS within you can help you to trust and surrender to the sometimes-inexplicable things that may appear in your current reality.

2) We are the creators of our every experience and we create through what our thoughts focus on.

One of life’s absolutes, in my experience, is that our thoughts literally become the things and events of our lives.

This means that if you think of yourself as being at the effect of a random universe that does not care about you, then you will experience your life that way. If you think of yourself as being part of a loving universe that does care about you, then you will experience your life that way.

Remember, it’s from a mind filled with love, joy and appreciation for what you ALREADY have, that comes the power to create infinite possibilities of more.

3) The universe is a vibrational place whose currency is the energy of LOVE.

The quickest way to allow the Universe to deliver the amazing things, people, places and experiences you are craving, is to raise your vibration to match hers.

Amazingly, the opportunity is there to do this all day long - by being grateful and thankful for what she’s already given you. The Universe responds not to what you want, but to who you are BEING and feeling. Let her know you’re a joyful, happy Love bug!

4) When you let go of the HOW and simply start from a place of JOY, invisible doors open.

Insisting on certain “hows” will limit life’s magic.

Our job is to focus on activities that invoke the bigger picture feelings we yearn to experience. And then allow the Universe to respond in her own way. For example, if you want to become an interior designer and absolutely know you have what it takes, don’t be worrying about HOW you’re going to find clients.

Start the ball rolling by reveling in putting together your portfolio. Bask in what it feels like to attract incredible clients who want to work with you because of the joy, ease and creativity you bring to serving them.

Get inspired by the kind of person you become while in your zone of creative genius. Then ALLOW the Universe to surprise and delight you with the way she brings those clients to you.

5) After inspired action, PLAY is the activity she most favors.

The Universe helps those brave enough to start, who stay consistent and don’t give up. She rewards those who understand that motivation is not something that comes while sitting around waiting for it.

Inspired action comes when you roll up your sleeves on something that lights you up and stay the course on even the hardest days. It’s in these moments, when we learn to be playful, that we’re lucky enough to be delivered the muse who shows us the solutions we’re looking for.

In fact, when we communicate with the Universe in her language, she will deliver to us more than we could ever imagine possible for ourselves.


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