The Importance Of Luxury & How To Upgrade In 3 Easy Steps

by Emma Bathie
If you've ever felt bad about wanting a little VIP treatment, I'm here to ease your guilt and insist you go after that upgrade. I’m all for being appreciative of what you have, but learning to love a little more luxury is essential if you want to more effortlessly tune into a higher-level vibration and let go of scarcity thinking – that mindset keeps you stuck, scared, and small.
As Deepak Chopra, one of the world’s most loved spiritual teachers and alternative doctors, says, “learning to adopt luxury as a lifestyle sets the pre-conditions for the flow of wealth."

Here’s my take on how to upgrade your lifestyle in 3 easy steps:


1. Begin by making simple changes that make you feel luxurious and don’t cost you anything.

Ask yourself, “What would make me feel really good in this moment?” that doesn’t require you to spend any extra money. For example, laying your clothes out before you take a shower so you don’t have to rush to dress can give you the feeling of having more time – a luxury we all crave. Or, you can start changing your sheets and towels more often. This is a simple act that can make you feel special and add as sense of luxury to your life without you spending a cent.

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2. Drop the “I’m saving this for a special occasion” mentality.

Use with pleasure what you already have in your life, instead of saving it for that special occasion. The quickest way to get comfortable with enjoying a little more luxury in your life is to start using the beautiful things you already have but, for some warped reason, think you should be saving.

Homework: That divine perfume, lingerie set, or heaven-scent candle you have stashed in your “for best” drawer? Tonight’s the night you use them, lovely, if for no other reason than celebrating you!

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3. Replace your “I’m saving it” mentality with the principle of “better to best.”

When we are consistently upgrade the little things in our life, and treat those around us well, we follow what Deepak Chopra teaches as "the principle of better to best." And when we do this, life responds by giving us more abundance in return. By treating ourselves to more luxury, by choosing the nicer, better, and best options, we begin to shift our vibration. We begin to feel more empowered and confident. By the same token though, when we settle for the cheaper, or what might feel like the safer option, we lower our vibration to match it.
Homework: The next time you’re at a restaurant, if your usual thing is to automatically order one of the cheaper options on the menu, I want you to stop yourself and order what you truly want from one of the most expensive options. Do this often enough, whether it’s in a restaurant or in the supermarket, deciding between home-brands and the luxe version, and you’ll start to reset your “perceptual filters” and new neural pathways will start forming inside your brain. This helps you feel okay (i.e. less guilty!) about experiencing more of the finer things in life.

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When you start enjoying the better and best in life, it shifts your vibration. And raising your frequency is what helps you more effortlessly attract abundance, because the energy we put out is what we get back. I also like to think of it this way: It’s in the moments we feel fantastic that we find the creative ideas and solutions that help us create the magical life we came here for.
Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's meaning and magic here.
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Tell us in the comments: How do you embrace luxury in your life, guilt-free?

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