A Fit and Fun Summer For All

by Z Living Gal
The month of the Summer Solstice has officially arrived and that marks the arrival of the warm summer season for all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry Australia).  We're repositioning ourselves for the warm months where we get to bask in outdoor activities, water activities, summer travel and days spent basking in the warm glow of the summer sun. It also means a time to reconnect with family and friends over backyard barbeques and pool (and beach) side lounging.

For many Z parents summer signifies our kids being out of school with extra time to spend doing... well sometimes it can be unclear how to fill their time. A big focus for families this time of year is inevitably finding ways to keep our children healthy during these wonderfully balmy months and off the electronic devices a little more!

Here at Z Living keeping your family fit and keeping everyone active is our theme (and our goal) for the month of June. We hope that you'll find new inspiration for eating well, planning fun activities, and relieving stress together as a family unit, whatever that means for you. Whether it's trying out some paddleboard yoga, jumping in a kayak (note: you probably shouldn't actually jump into a kayak) going on a hike with your favorite four-legged friend, taking a regular evening bike ride, trying out a new healthy recipe, or planning a trip chock full of fit activities, we hope to get your health and wellness wheels turning to have your best summer ever.

You'll also be able to find great ideas on air in programs like, X-Weighted Families, a series that showcases families taking on the battle to stay healthy and lose weight together. You'll also find a ton of digital content here and across our social channels daily. We don't want you to spend too much time in front of your screens, but we hope you'll check in with us regularly... then get out and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!
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