Investigate Your Edges

by Z Living Gal
Illustration by Dani Katz

As we wrap up a month focused on travel here at Z Living, we encourage you to continue your adventures...As much as you may love traveling, transitioning into a new city can be a bit overwhelming.

We encourage you to push through, and discover what's around you. 

Investigate Your Nearest City

If you're in California, New York, or anywhere in the United States, step out of your day-to-day routine and explore something new.

Take a road trip and savor a new, local food scene. Book a trip to a festival for a dance session under the sun. We've pulled together a list of fantastic music cities to inspire an adventure.

All of us here at Z Living Headquarters love exporing new sites in Los Angeles. Here are some of our local favorite rooftop yoga classes to check out the next time you're in town.

Investigate Your World

We've asked our Z Living colleagues across the globe to send us some of their favorite local street food recipes for us to try, as well as a list of gorgeous hotels (hey, we can dream, right?) and ashrams to visit while exploring the East for peace and wellness.

If you're staying at home and don't plan to travel internationally, you can always tune in to The Posh Pescatarian on Monday nights at 9PM. Show host Stephanie Harris-Uyidi takes you across the globe creating fabulous seafood recipes using the freshest local ingredients. 

Investigate Your Spirit

On your next car ride, slide into your mindfulness zone with an inspirational podcast. Here are some podcasts that we love, and we're confident that you will too. And while you're at it, take the advice of illustrator Dani Katz, who recently visited a healing sanctuary in Sante Fe and told us all about it!

We also love Katz's Practical Mindfulness guide, which teaches you how to practice mindfulness, even in the most mundane moments in life, like sitting in traffic. 

We hope that your next travel adventure is an opportunity to investigate not only greater lands but a greater you! We're travel junkies ourselves, and we pulled together a few ways you can investigate your edges in whatever way speaks to you!  

Share your travel adventure with us at [email protected] We can't wait to hear it!


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