Kids Share Their Own Brand of Mindfulness

by Z Living Contributor
Upworthy recently shared a video that shows children using mindfulness techniques to calm themselves and restore order to what can already be a hectic life. The thing that’s really great about the clip is that it shows us how kids feel when they find themselves becoming stressed.

​One kid, a blonde girl with a missing front tooth, describes what her brain as a swirling jar of glitter when she’s angry. “It’s kind of like, if you had a jar,” she says, “and you put glitter in the jar and that would be how you feel. If you shake up the jar and the glitter went everywhere, that would be how your mind looks.”

Others were more direct: “When I feel angry,” another girl says, “I feel it in my heart.”

By the end of the video, all of the children close their eyes and show us what it’s like to achieve calm and mindfullness.

Mindfullness, in its simplest terms, is the process of returning to the present, ignoring thoughts, and only feeling what can be felt in the body. Study after study shows that settling down to meditate has all sorts of positive affects on the brain and its structures. It's really inspiring to see children grasp this concept at such an early age. Not only does it show impressive amounts of focus and concentration in this tech-heavy and distracted world that we all live in, but it also bodes well that they may one day become more centered and less stressed adults in the future.

From the mouth of babes... we can all learn something from these "mindful" children.

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