Podcasts We Love: Liberated Body

by Simona Terron
In the eleventh part of our series on Podcasts We Love, we bring you the Liberated Body podcast.

What is the Liberated Body Podcast?
It doesn’t matter whether you're an anatomy nerd or just have a passing curiosity, this podcast has all the resources you've been looking for to deepen your understanding of the human body. If you wish to educate yourself about the various breakthroughs taking place in the world of anatomy, medical science and nutrition, this is the one place to head to for credible advice from experts who share their insights and meaningful, helpful advice.

Why We Love This Podcast
Brooke Thomas of the Liberated Body website is gathering together the thought leaders and experts who are shedding light on what it means to thrive in our bodies. She shares wonderful and thought-provoking interviews with experts from the field, nutritionists, scientists, chefs, and notable authors, among others, and packages these chats in tight, well-structured episodes for your listening pleasure.

Three of our fave episodes from this podcast:
  1. Episode 32: Steve Gangemi: Raising the Bar for What “Healthy” Means on January 13, 2015
Dr Steve Gangemi, aka The Sock Doc, is a chiropractic physician and MovNat certified trainer who is merging functional neurology and nutritional biochemistry into mainstream natural healthcare. They talk about foot health as a gauge of a person’s overall health, the recent Vibrams 5 Fingers lawsuit, orthotics, the dangers of stretching, why you want to move your ass often but not quickly, long term effects of doing only high intensity workouts, and much more.
  1. Episode 47: Born to Walk with James Earls on September 8, 2015
James Earls, author of Born to Walk, takes a very whole system approach to understanding walking. Brooke and Earls talk about how the whole body walks, different schools of thought that have looked at walking in “parts” instead, how we are seduced into seeing anatomy with the same eye with which we look at the manmade world around us, his homage to Robert Hooke who was a contemporary of Newton’s, understanding ground reaction force, the essentialness of efficiency in our evolution, the debate about whether or not walking is controlled falling, fascial wrappings as hydraulic amplifiers and oh so much more.
  1. Episode 34: Judith Aston: Our Relationship to our Bodies and Their Relationship to the World on January 27, 2015
Brooke talks to somatic pioneer Judith Aston about the Aston Kinetics paradigm and how it integrates seamlessly with other paradigms like yoga, Pilates, and personal training, how seeing the body is taught in those disciplines and what seeing the body even means, our bodies not just as self-contained units but also about their interactions with the physical world, thoughts on the impact of product design on our bodies, what the early days of co-creating with Dr Rolf and other pioneers was like, and the meaning behind her quote, “sometimes we just need help interpreting ourselves.”

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