Get A Life You Love By Crafting Your Ideal Day

by Emma Bathie
“How we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives.”
~ Annie Dillard 

I love this quote because it’s such a wonderful reminder that life is about the here and now. It's not in the three, five or ten year plans that we can prattle off at any moment. But it's what we choose to do on a daily basis. We have the chance to ignite the magic of the life we were meant to live EVERY day.

For instance, I’m writing this post as I sit on a hilltop overlooking a Swiss valley. There is a row of pinky-orange snow capped Alps in the distance. A picnic barbecue is gently smoking behind me (being tended to by a smoking hot man!) and I have a glass of Spanish white wine on my lefthand side. It’s a late spring day and the fiery sun is making her slow descent as two hawks, circling a nearby field, are also looking forward to dinner.  

I’m sitting here blissfully typing away on a picnic blanket because my sweetheart and I decided how we wanted our evening to feel, how we would spend our evening and then we made it happen. You see, to think and feel is, to create. And the more focused you are on end goals like happiness, the more the Universe takes you on a guided journey of inspiration and intuition to get there.

Like anything it begins with baby steps. Simple steps that can be repeated and refined over time to create consistency, momentum and flow – a vibration that triggers a response from the Universal ether and invites what you focus upon into your reality.

Most of us “create” our lives on autopilot, without taking the time to think about how we truly want to live and feel. We spend our existences on the Groundhog Day hamster wheel  until a crisis wakes us up in a cold sweat. That's when we realize there's a freight train speeding and screaming through our heads to the paralyzing question, "How Did I Get Here?" 

But it doesn’t have to take a crisis to live with more intention.

Here’s a 7-step exercise that will help you clarify the type of life you want to live. One that is filled with the magic you were meant to experience.


1. Take out a piece of paper and allow yourself 30 minutes to dream about what your “Ideal Day” looks like. If you could have anything, do anything, be anything, hang out with anyone, travel anywhere, what would that day look like? And how would you feel? Write it out without stopping to check if any of it makes sense or without worrying about how you’ll make it happen.

2. Write with the understanding there are no limitations or consequences to what is possible. The idea is to use your own moral compass to guide you in what is or isn’t appropriate. And it is not a vacation/holiday day (i.e. it includes any responsibilities you have) and it is a day you could potentially live over and over again that could help you to continually feel blissed out.

3. Allow your mind to be flooded with different images for each segment of your “ideal” day. Where do you live and what do you see out your window when you awake? What time is it and who is with you? What kinds of activities come up for you as you begin your day? What colors and sensations do you see, hear and feel around you? Ask yourself why these activities are important to you.

4. Now look at the middle of your day, around lunchtime, where do you see yourself having lunch? What’s the environment? Who are you with (or perhaps you choose not to have lunch)?  And what are the conversations and themes you discuss with the people you choose to spend time with? 

5. Next think about the second half of the day - what activities do you see for yourself going into the  evening? What’s your environment, what are you doing and who are you with? What kinds of activities are you doing that absolutely light you up, give you joy and bring your life so much meaning? What are these  things specifically?

6. Over the next 24 hrs continue to review the question of what YOUR ideal day looks like, and allow the images to flood into your mind’s eye ~ remember there are no limitations or restrictions. 

7. Build a vision board around the images in your mind, because these images are what your inner voice is saying you want your life and lifestyle to look like. Once you’ve organized your vision board, take a step back and ask yourself, "What’s one small step I can take today towards making this my reality?"

Remember, this is not an abstract exercise, it's a template you can use to redesign your lifestyle. Allow these images and the feelings they conjure up to be your North Star and anchor point for crafting a daily life that feels magical, has true meaning and fulfills your true life's goal of having no regrets.. 

Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn More about her work and how to create more of life's magic HERE.

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