Father’s Morning Mantra for Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

by Myla Cruz

Using a simple morning mantra, one father in Virginia teaches his daughter how to love and respect herself and others. This powerful, exemplary display of positive parenting is also undeniably adorable. 

A YMCA program director and personal trainer, Ron Alston understands the importance of confidence and personal affirmations. The world discovered how he shares that with his daughter when he posted a video to Facebook this past September. In it, we see Alston practicing a confidence-bolstering mantra with his daughter Aliya. 

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He holds her, as she stands on the counter in front of the bathroom mirror giggling. Alston proceeds by having his adorable daughter repeat motivational phrases after him: I am strong, I am smart, I work hard, I’m not better than anyone, No one’s better than me.

Somehow adding to the charm of this heartwarming story, the morning ritual actually began with Mr. Alston and his own father when he was a boy.

"My dad did this with me in the mirror as well, which I believe has helped make me more confident and positive," Alston said to Upworthy. When Aliya was old enough to speak, he passed it along. 

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The video has inspired countless parents, earning over 13 million views and 360,000 views. Additionally, many parents have reached out to Alston thanking him for empowering his daughter with ideas of strength and respect. 

Alston explains to Upworthy, "The world will try to tear [children] down in many ways, but they must know they are unique and great in their own way.”

Have a morning mantra that helps you start your day? Share it in the comment section below!

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