PSA: Mind Your Shoulds

by Dani Katz
As we already established in last week’s PSA (Planetary Service Announcement), every word matters. Each word we utter vibrates at a unique frequency, which functions to either expand or contract the person we are addressing. Expansive words allow our message to be more effectively heard and integrated, while words that contract have a tendency to shut down the listener, rendering them deaf to our wisdom and our (likely, brilliant) perspective. This brings us to the word should.

Say it out loud: “should.” What do you feel in your body? Do you feel open? Do you feel energy moving through your system? Or, do you feel trapped by a giant brick wall, wrapped in razor wire, and emitting an earsplitting sound frequency that makes your brain bleed?

Yeah, should is one of those words that inspires contraction, especially in those of us rocking rebel consciousness, or Aquarian astrology. Personally, when I hear the word should, I shut down – instantly - and hear all of none of the words spoken (or typed) thereafter.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” my ego mutters under her breath. “You have no authority over me.”

With this in mind, please enjoy this PSA, which explains the connection between the word should and our third chakra, the energy center connected to will and self-empowerment, while remembering that expansive words rock. Now get to clicking, liking and sharing, kids. Our planet thanks you.
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