Mr Money Mustache Shares His Two Cents On Thriftiness

by Simona Terron
Being frugal doesn't have to be a bore, especially when you can find fun and easy ways to be more mindful of your money. Spring clean your life with Mr Money Mustache's approach to mindful living.

Mr Money Mustache is not a children’s story book or TV show character. He is Peter Adeney, a forty-one-year-old Canadian expatriate who retired at the age of 30 thanks to having saved enough money working as a software engineer. He created Mr Money Mustache as a fun persona to help others get out of being slaves to debt, drowning in consumerist culture, paying endlessly for gas-guzzling cars, fancy overpriced lattes, and other pursuits that bring us only temporary joy.

He declares his goals are simple:
  1. “To make you rich so you can retire early”
  2. “To make you happy so you can properly enjoy your early retirement”
  3. “To save the whole Human Race from destroying itself through overconsumption of its habitat.”
So he started this personal-finance advice blog 5 years ago but initially kept his identity a secret. Like Clark Kent-Superman, he threw people off his scent with fake info about his location and background but shared the intimate details of his income and expenses.

Now though, his identity is well known and celebrated, not just in his home town of Longmont, Colorado, a half hour northeast of Boulder, but in the media and lofty financial echelons of America as well.

And he walks the talk too, working on jobs fixing or rebuilding homes, traveling on foot or by bike except when he has a load of more than a 100 lbs; even then, using just 2.5 tanks of gas a year between him and his wife.
What made him the way he is? He attributes his financial smarts to an upbringing in the town of Caledonia, Ontario by frugal parents. A cool story he shares is about how he saved up and carefully preserved the five bucks he earned each time for mowing the lawn. These five dollars inspired him to say that “a millionaire is made ten bucks at a time.” His first job saw him saving five thousand dollars that turned into 23,000 in a year and a quarter of a million in five years.

If that’s not amazing enough to inspire you, perhaps you should hop over to his blog and check out gems like these: Image: Mr Money Mustache’s Facebook page

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