Anonymous Pennsylvania Man Fed 150 Families For Thanksgiving

by Myla Cruz

An anonymous man fed 150 families this Thanksgiving, an act that epitomizes the value of giving. In 2015, 42.2 million Americans lived in households where food security was not a sure thing, including including 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children. These numbers can be shocking for many, but due to the selfless kindness of individuals around the globe, strides are being taken to eradicate these numbers associated with hunger. 

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It’s an ongoing internet trope that inarguably sounds cute, but truth be told, not all heroes wear capes. This point was duly proven over the Thanksgiving weekend when one Montgomery County, Pennsylvania mystery man and his dedicated team of volunteers dropped off care packages of Thanksgiving groceries to 150 needy households in the region.  

The anonymous knight with shining grocery bags began the yearly good deed in 2008 serving 30 families while this year, he explains in this Fox News piece, “we’re at 150 families, 3,000 pounds of turkey [and] $22,000 worth of groceries.”

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Many of the Pennsylvania families served by this gift of giving currently care for sick children, adding another layer of necessity for this selfless act. Social worker Mary Berlin is one of the individuals who received care packages to take to her clients, explaining to Fox29, “It means everything to them.  Otherwise, they'd be going to a soup kitchen…this way they can actually have a really nice dinner at home with their kids.”

Other care packages went to families associated with St. Christopher’s Hospital and A.I. DuPont Hospital in Wilmington, PA. Jennifer Keller, a social worker at DuPont who works closely with the families of critically ill children, explained that after sharing the news family members were overcome with tears. 

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Thanks to the willingness of this mystery man and his team of helpers, hundreds of individuals in the Pennsylvania region were able to eat well this Thanksgiving. If we could only aspire to hone a fraction of this generosity, we can all understand the immense reward of giving selflessly and joyfully in order to make someone else’s day a bit brighter. 

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