Stressed Out? Here's An Easy Way to De-Stress

by Kimberly B. Johnson

You probably know that practicing yoga helps to stabilize health and mindfulness, but did you know that turning on the TV helps too? New research suggests that watching nature videos has a positive effect on mental health. The study, conducted by psychotherapy analysis firm Northwest Ecotherapy, began in 2013 and involved a group of 48 inmates.

The study revealed that inmates who watched nature videos committed 26 percent fewer violent infractions that those who hadn't. Hasbach and her team chose the prison population to illustrate the striking effects nature footage can have on minds, - even those under extreme duress and discomfort. 

"We have evolved as a species embedded in nature and we need nature for our well-being," Hasbach explains in a statement to NBC News. 

Have you ever done yoga in the wildnerness? It's a wonderful way to reduce stress. If you can't make it to a yoga retreat or the big outdoors, than watch Namaste Yoga, which is shot in stunning wilderness of British Columbia.

WATCH on Z Living: Namaste Yoga, a calming workout for body and soul. Join hosts Kate Potter, Erica Blitz and a cast of experienced yogis as they guide you through a morning yoga flow sure to start your day off right.

Tell us in the comment: What types of media you use to calm down?

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