Are Your Opinions Really Your Opinions?

by Dani Katz
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where your opinions come from? Like, are they ideas you figured out for yourself? Or are they really just other people’s opinions that kind of meandered their way into your consciousness, and took hold, and now have you identified and clinging, while thinking they’re your own?

In her latest PSA (Planetary Service Announcement), Dani Katz challenges us to examine the origins of our opinions, and to get super clear as to whether they’re really, truly resonant. Authenticity might take a little more time and attention to cultivate than simply parroting conventional cultural thoughts and ideas, but – trust us on this – coming into coherence with our own values and perspectives as we feel them to be true is so very (very) worth it. 

Thanks for watching and liking and sharing, and questioning your every opinion and making really super sure that it is absolute alignment with your deepest truth, while having yourself a rockin’ day.
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