A Plus-Size YouTuber Shows You How To Get The Perfect Bikini Body

by Simona Terron

When a plus-sized vlogger (video blogger) known for her sassy attitude, makeup tutorials and fashion tips was at the receiving end of a barrage of attacks for posting images of herself online in a bikini—she gave back by putting up a video called “Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis.” In this video, which was viewed 4 million times when we last checked, she slammed the haters with witty lines, such as, “I didn’t realize there was a meeting, and all of the people who were allowed to decide what is attractive and what is not, are now commenters on YouTube.”

Known as Loey Lane, she’s just 22, is married to an army man, goes to college and loves animals. Did we mention that her YouTube channel has more than 359,000 subscribers? She’s also a beacon of a positive body image, and is constantly encouraging people to wear whatever they feel like wearing, irrespective of what people say or expect from them.

With summer in full swing and women being bombarded on all fronts by suggestions on how to get the perfect bikini body, sometimes doing crazy and often harmful things to achieve some unrealistic ideal of beauty, it comes as a breath of fresh air to see this video by Tess Holliday. The size 22 model shows us a simple way to achieve a bikini body that slams home the message of loving yourself.

Watch the video here:

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